Record Videos lines-sim painting on the Wood-Horse. Spent six days five nights on this horse,”Best embodies the line body painting attractive way to improvisation, no drafts, no need idea as with the nature from, high spirits and on.” “Lines and colors, are a natural means of expressing emotions, speed undulating rhythm; poised and dynamic, raging unrestrained control and loss; scattered shape and exhalation gas gathering and suck … lines are clever, have lifes, there are exhaled and suck, have received and put out mood. ” “Sometimes I feel a very clear this painting is not over yet, but emotional breathing retractable been completed, Like breath exhaled after, there must be a sense of uneasiness jump in chest muscle, so it is a pity, since it is often Finally ending feeling was destroyed. “
Specially photographed this film, in order to strengthen the prestige line-ism painting for china. This line-body Wood-Horse in the BeiBang line-ism art solo exhibition’s opening debut in August.
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