Occasional Encounter with an Elephant


《偶然遇见大象》 12B铅笔,帆布
《Occasional Encounter with an Elephant》 12B Pencil, Canvas

Elephant01 Elephant06 Elephant05 Elephant04 Elephant03 Elephant02





This was a reflective work, a nostalgic work recalling my “Triennial” collection.
For me, although the three years I spent creating the “Triennial” collection have passed, I still have an unbreakable relationship with it.
I always believed that improvisation is the most direct and interesting form of line art and it hides subtle beauty in chance and intention.

In summer 2012 I filmed the film “Thirty Years Old” and the camera operator Jimmy needed to film some close-ups of me drawing late at night. So according to the guidance of his lens, I unintentionally drew many horizontal and vertical lines.
Through the lens, the tip of the pen rubbed against the fine texture of the canvas. After filming, Jimmy said it was a pity to waste this newly stretched canvas. I comforted him by saying, “Of course I will not waste it. I will finish it, although it looks like a strange cross drawn at a strange place, but I will keep these traces and continue drawing it”.

Because I do not like using erasers, I encountered this elephant by chance.

Can you find the first horizontal and vertical lines?


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